Count Out Three

It’s Time To Comment!!! 😀

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The first blog I visited for this week’s challenge was Sophie’s. I commented on Sophie’s Week 6 Activity 3, what she would do if she were on a stranded island with nothing but her clothes and family. Her interpretation on the subject was very interesting to read about. I would encourage you to visit her blog and find out about her “experience” on the island.



The Second person I found on my journey through the challenge was Mia’s Motivated Blog. Out of all of the great posts, I decided to leave a comment on her All About Me page, to learn a little more about her. Out of my exploration this week, I think her blog was the one I found not wanting to leave.



Finally the third blog that I visited for this weeks post was Nathan’s Blog. As I did for Sophie, I commented on Nathans Week 6 Activity 3 to see what differences/similarities the two posts would have. Indeed, he did have some differences from Sophie’s, though some things stood out to be the same. I would encourage you to go and see for yourself! 😀


2 thoughts on “Count Out Three

  1. G’day Jazzy,
    You chose three great blogs to leave comments on. I can see you are enjoying the blogging challenge as you are often the first person to leave a comment on my posts each week. Keep up the great work!

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