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Everyone needs a friend. Though not everyone has someone to share their emotions and secrets with. They might not have a shoulder to cry on. Or a free hug when they’re feeling down. Someone to turn to if all else fails. If I could create an international event, it would be International Friendship Day. Not Just between friends, but between everyone. Getting out the message of kindness. Knowing that you could make someone’s day with just a quick greeting. Dare to say hello. Give a high five or a fist bump. Put a smile on someone’s face. You can make the difference. Someone is alone, go give them a friend.

Moving is one of the hardest things to do, especially when you lose friends in the process. Though gaining a new ones is even harder. I would know. I have experienced this and it’s not easy to do. Though I was lucky, my friends are amazing. They saved me from the scary reality I was headed for. Everyday I am thankful for them. It makes me sad when I think about the people that are not fortunate enough to have what I have. That is why I would like to make this event. To help spread the awareness of what friendship means and what it is. To try to put a smile on everyone’s face. To let everyone have a friend. Welcome to International Friendship Day. 😉


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2 thoughts on “International Friendship Day

  1. G’day Jazzy,
    What a great idea for an international event! You might know I enjoy family history and we have a group called RAOGK which means random acts of genealogical kindness. We try to help other people who are just starting out with researching their families or people who might be stuck on a brick wall. Maybe go to take a photo of a gravestone to send to the person, check out a record in an archive in Tasmania, when the person lives in America.

  2. Hello Mrs. W,
    Thanks again for coming and reading my post for the week.
    RAOGK sounds like a interesting group that you take part in. Helping people research and find out more about their families can definitely ease the difficulty that it puts on many.
    Talk to you again soon,
    ~Jazzy 😉

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