My Nominations!!!!

I chose to nominate four outstanding blogs that I have noticed throughout the international blogging challenge and my experience as a blogger.

The first category I nominated in was Best Individual Blog. I nominated Rosa to be in this category, because I visit her blog quite often and I can see all of the hard work she puts into each of her complete posts. I have also noted from constant visits to her blog that she keeps it up to date and understands the international blogging challenge quite well. 😉

The second category I nominated in was Best New Blog. I thought that Jayna’s Blog, a blog I visit often, would be the perfect candidate. She created her blog just this year, 2014, and it has already shown great growth, and inspirational posts. She has also spent some time creating the uniqueness of her blog, you can get to know her with just one visit!!

The third person that I chose to nominate was in the category Best Student Blog. This person, has been noticed by Mrs. Waters several times and has been apart of the blogging challenge for some time now. I found this candidate that I have nominated, through my exploration of the blogging challenge. Warrior Kat’s blog is full of interesting and exiting topics that she really goes into detail with. I also believe she is a perfect candidate for this topic.

The last, but certainly not least,  candidate that I nominated was under the category; Best Teacher Blog. This category led me to nominate the teacher that has helped me through the entire beginning of the blogging challenge; Mrs. Hoke. Her posts along with the clarification that go with them are what help me create my pieces of literature that are open for the world to see. So I wanted to get a chance to thank her properly. 😉

Thank you for reading my nominations!!! I am very exited to see how the they all play out!! You can nominate too!!!! Click here to nominate! All nominations are due 11/24/14!!!!! Bye!!!! 😉

2 thoughts on “My Nominations!!!!

  1. Jazzy! I just here to let you know that you really deserve this nomination I mean you work harder that anyone in this class. You deserve this!

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