My Sonnet


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The hardest things in life come in beauty

The easiest tied neatly in a bow

Each coming with their very own duty

Some of the days come out so very low

Others come out brightening every day

Some are blinded having nothing to see

Some are muted having nothing to say

All left with nothing but their hopes to flea

There comes a day when everything must change

A time when you want everything to stay

There will be times when everything is strange

There’s a time when your burdens fly away

Through all of the ups and downs of your life

Know things get better after all the strife


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Tiger Blog Awards!

cat-image 101122The Tiger Blog Awards are here! You can nominate several different blogs and posts in different categories to give them a chance to win a Tiger Blog Award!! You can go here to vote and get more information. 😉


 Bye!! 😀


My Blog Audit ~ 2015!

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To end the challenge, I am doing my own personal Blog Audit for 2015! You can find my one from last year at, My Personal Blog Audit 2014.

During my time in the 2015 blogging challenge, I have…

  • Written 11 posts, counting this one. All of them except for one are school based.
  • Received a total of 21 comments, not counting the ones left by myself. My posts; My Favorite Hobbies & my Friends poem are tied with the most comments. Ten each. I think this is because those were the two blogs that I made, that really show who I am, and what’s most important in my life.
  • The post I enjoyed making the most was week #5, Favorites  (Link Above). Where I wrote about my favorite hobbies that include; archery, kayaking, and basketball.
  • I change my background for my blog accordingly to fit the season, holiday, or my mood. 😉
  • I have 7 widgets, which I think is a good amount, that is not too distracting to the blog itself.
  • I now currently only have 3 out of state bloggers on my blog roll.
  • The only web tool that I used throughout the 2015 blogging challenge was Compfight Images, which I used to provide each of my posts with correctly attributed images.

Throughout my time as a blogger, in the 2014-15, challenges I think I have really advanced as a blogger under many criteria. 😉 I think that I have learned to open myself up in my posts and overall blog. I learned more about the challenge in my exploration as well. If you have never blogged before, it is something that I would highly recommend to you! 😀


The next thing I did for my final post for the challenge, was sit down with my dad while he evaluated my blog for this years’ challenge.

My fathers first impressions were that it is very well presented, and that he is very proud of me as an overall blogger. The post Furry Family interested him, and he liked how it was an extension from things that I wrote about last year regarding animal abuse. In my posts such as Our Voice and The Harsh Realization of Animal Abuse. Throughout his venture of my blog, he said there were no distractions, that the blog flowed right through, and was very clear. when I asked him for more advice for my blog he said, “Your blog is your artistic expressions through words and pictures, and I would not dare to change a thing.”



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It’s time to say goodbye!      🙁 Unfortunately the 2015 blogging challenge is over! Although I will be posting an occasional Poem for the poetry unit we are doing to end the rest of the school year, which I would more than welcome you to come see!      😉

Bye For Now!

~Jazzy 😀

My Letter Poem


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Dear Mom,

I don’t know if you can hear me right now. Don’t know if you are listening. But I am in a lot of pain. Have been for awhile now. I don’t always show it through my smile, or laugh. I try to keep it in, until it can’t hold back. You’ve been gone for awhile now, most people know. So why does it still hurt to know you’re not home? Why does it still hurt to write and speak these words? Why can I not let go?

I thought it would be easier, not knowing you so well. But when the end finally came, it felt like I have been with you my entire life. I blame myself for your absence. Have since you were first gone. But not knowing if you knew, that I love you, hurts the most. Too many words have went unsaid. Too many secrets have went untold. Too many tears have shed.

So I’m writing to you now. After years of unreturned birthday cards, and Christmas greetings. Telling you the things that I should have said. I love you. I miss you. I forgive you.  

Your Loving Daughter,

Jadzia <3



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Furry Family <3



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What is family? Is it only the relationship between father and daughter, mother and son? Or is it something more. Something between the closest of friends. The ones that understand you more than anyone ever could, and loves you for yourself. Our pets, whether it be a dog or cat, hamster or guinea pig, bunny or bird. They are the ones that will never leave your side. Even after their no longer with you, they will still love you to the end of the earth. 😉


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Just like in any family, there is responsibility. You have to take care of them and in return they will love and take care of you right back. Even though they come and go, they will have affected your life beyond imagine. They make good memories with you. And help you forget the bad ones. When you have no one else to turn too. Feel like no one understands you. That you don’t fit in. They will always have a place in their hearts set aside for you. When you’re lost with nowhere to go, they will lead you home. When all else fails, they will bring you back up again will a loyal nudge. Lovingly willing to follow your every wish.


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Maybe goodbye is the hardest part. A part of your family that comes, and then goes all too quickly. Thinking it’s unfair that when you have all of your life ahead of you, your best friends’ life is just about to end. In and out of this world all too quickly. The only way that you can make them truly stay, is never forgetting all the memories you’ve made. All of the times that you’ve shared. Everything that has made their life worth living. Just loving your four legged, furry family. <3 😀

The Beauty of Friendship




Photo Credit: My Personal Photo’s

By:  Jayna, Jazzy, Erica and Gwen

Gwen: Friendship is a cupcake, with sprinkles piled high.

Jayna: Friendship is a gummy bear, dipped in chocolate.

Erica: Friendship is a jar of Nutella, with a giant spoon.

Jazzy: Friendship is sugar filled, with a cherry on top.

All: Friendship is something so sweet it can not be described by 1,000 sugary treats, and it can’t be replaced.

Gwen: Not by anyone.

Jayna: Or anything.

Erica: When you are torn down

Jazzy: Friends will always be there to build you back up again.

All: Friendship is a wall, that can’t be broke down.

Jayna: Your friends are the ones that never leave you

Jazzy: They are the ones that you can rely on when you need them most

Erica:  That always back you up, no matter what

Gwen: They are the ones that will make you laugh

All: Friends are the ones that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little brighter, and live a little better.

Jazzy: They are the ones that don’t forget embarrassing moments

Jayna: They are the ones that don’t let you forget those moments that touched you

Gwen: Friends won’t forget about you

Erica: They are the ones that are always with you even when you really want to punch them in the face.

All: When you are torn apart, true friends are the ones that put you back to together.

Gwen: Friends will spread a joyous smile across your face when you are feeling down

Jayna: No matter where you are and who is around you

Erica: They are your family away from home.  

Jazzy: So no matter what

All: Friends are the people who always rely on you, and you always rely on them.

Jayna: Wherever we are, friends are the ones that make our worlds.

Jazzy: Whenever we need them, we can find them right be our sides.

Gwen: Whoever is putting you down, friends will be there to pull you back up.

Erica: Whatever will break you, they will fix you.

All: Great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, impossible to forget.

My European Adventure!

This week, I am going to take the chance to tell you about the trip that I get the chance to go on next summer. When I’m traveling to London, Paris and Normandy! 😀


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Next summer, I have the amazing opportunity to travel to London, Paris and Normandy through Ef Tours. I am so lucky to be getting this once in a life time opportunity that does not come often. I hope you enjoy my, soon to come, adventures! 😉

Before the Trip:

Before the trip even begins, there will be much planning to do. For starters; fundraising. After all, a trip like this is not so cheap. Out of the assortment of things that I am taking part in to raise the money, I am mainly:

  • Selling Bottles and Cans
  • Having Garage Sales
  • Doing Various Chores


    Photo Credit: FAB O LENS via Compfight cc

  • Asking Relatives for $ During the Holidays
  • Other Fundraising sponsored by my School

For my trip, I will also need to purchase a passport. Although I am not doing that until late this year, or early next. The next thing that I will have to deal with before going on my trip is packing, (for 11 days!), as well as spending money for the trip! I have to admit the packing is going to be the hardest part. 🙂

Flight over the Sea:

Flying to Europe will be an amazing experience all in its own for me. I have only been on a plane once previously and was when I was only an infant. So the overnight flight itself excites me. 😉

In Europe:

We are going to fly into London, and be dropped off there, spending a total 4 days of touring and sightseeing. Then have a day and night in Kent, to then travel across the English Channel by ferry, and continue onto Paris. After 3 days in Paris we will be venturing to Normandy, staying a night, then traveling back to Paris for our departure back home the upcoming day. To furthermore see the path in which we will be traveling, as well as the tours full itinerary you can visit here; Ef Tours – London and Paris.


Photo Credit: Coxy from Aus via Compfight cc

I can’t wait until my trip. There’s going to be a lot of preparation, but in the end it will all be worth it! This opportunity is one that I will probably never get again, so I am glad to be on it now! 😀

Are you going on any trips soon or have in the past? Is there anywhere you would like to go? What would you do to raise the money and plan your trip? Feel free to leave a comment telling me about your own experiences or fantasies. Bye. 😉


Count Out Three

It’s Time To Comment!!! 😀

Black Word Bubble

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The first blog I visited for this week’s challenge was Sophie’s. I commented on Sophie’s Week 6 Activity 3, what she would do if she were on a stranded island with nothing but her clothes and family. Her interpretation on the subject was very interesting to read about. I would encourage you to visit her blog and find out about her “experience” on the island.



The Second person I found on my journey through the challenge was Mia’s Motivated Blog. Out of all of the great posts, I decided to leave a comment on her All About Me page, to learn a little more about her. Out of my exploration this week, I think her blog was the one I found not wanting to leave.



Finally the third blog that I visited for this weeks post was Nathan’s Blog. As I did for Sophie, I commented on Nathans Week 6 Activity 3 to see what differences/similarities the two posts would have. Indeed, he did have some differences from Sophie’s, though some things stood out to be the same. I would encourage you to go and see for yourself! 😀


The First Glimpse of Light



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 As the first light of Day

Flickers off the Waters’

Glimmering Surface

You breathe in The

Cool summer Air

Watching the Contrasting

Colors as they Light

Up the Sky

Wind disrupts the Waters’

Still Surface

Moving the smooth Water

Silently with the Silhouette

Of the Wind

Dew on the Grass

Stuck Between your bare Toes

Friends by your Side

Not a worry in the World

All of your future Ahead

Waiting for You

To Come

My Favorite Hobbies!

I thought this week, I could take the opportunity to tell you all a little more about myself  and my hobbies! Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you like to do in your free time! I hope you enjoy reading my post! 😉


Out of the many things I enjoy to do in my free time; I most enjoy activities such as archery, kayaking, and basketball. These hobbies of mine all include physical activity in one way or another, and are very enjoyable to participate in with friends, family, or even by yourself!

Archery is something that I have taken part in for a while now and something I enjoy greatly. I much prefer recurve bows over compound, although any archery in general I enjoy taking part in. I mostly take part in this with my close friends although, from time to time, my family takes part in this with me as well. Although I do not hunt with my bows, it is a sport that I am very much interested in.


Photo Credit: Andreas Øverland via Compfight cc


Kayaking is also one of my favorite outside activities that I love to take part in when the weather is in my favor. 😉 It is a great family activity that is fun and adventurous!  Kayaking is something that I have been introduced to just a couple years ago, although I learned to enjoy it very much! For myself particularly, I kayak with my friends, family and close family friends. If it is something you have ever been interested in, for one reason or another, I would highly recommend it to you! If you would like to learn more about kayaking I found this great site for beginners! Hope it helps! Kayaking Basics. 😉


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Finally, there is basketball. Basketball is something that has been with me forever. From throwing the ball around with my dad, to a one on one HORSE game with my brother, it is a great sport to take part in. I regularly take part in this fun sport with friends, family or just by myself. Before I moved to the school I am in currently, I took part in basketball frequently. I am very glad I got to meet such amazing friends that got me into it at my school now. Again, if you are interested in this sport, or ever have been, I highly motivate you to follow through with/begin it! 😉


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What are your favorite hobbies? Feel free to comment and let me know! 😉 When you leave a comment, remember to leave your blog URL so I can come visit your blog as well! Talk to you all again soon!! Bye!  😉